I am Sue Arns, the daughter of Doris Ingeborg ("Inge") Aronhold, and the grand-daughter of Richard and Margarethe "Sascha" Aronhold.


Because my mother died in exile, when I was 12 years old, she never told me about our relatives (she escaped to Colombia in 1937 with the "Caribia", leaving her parents in Nazi-Germany).

I also don't know much about my grandmother Margarete Aronhold, born as Stransky at Prague, CZ and married my grandfather in Dresden, Germany. She died for cancer 1938 in Berlin. For her ancestors and relatives I have found a picture of the grave of her mother, Lotti Stransky, and fotographs of relatives named Robbie and Else Stransky. If you have any hint for me, I would appreciate an eMail from you.


News March 2010:

I have to thank my friends Dana and Lucia from Prague: They did a lot of research belonging to my relatives from Prague and to my Grandfather, who tried to escape via Prague. New Informations are to be found on the specific sites. Sue, 19th march 2010

The name Aronhold is extremely rare in Germany (maybe it was a missspelling from "Arnhold" or "Arnold"), and I hope to find any relatives in this way.


News October/November 2010:

There are much more relatives of my Grandfather Richard as I thought: His parents moved from Dresden to Berlin in late 1800s, his father Adolf Aaron Aronhold dies 1897 and was buried in Berlin-Weissensee cemetery, in 1925 his wife Sophie Aronhold, born Ascher, followed him. And much more surprising: Richard wasn't her single son, he had at least one brother and two sisters, about whom I now know: Martin Aronhold, Elise Aronhold and Gertrud Aronhold.

Martin Aronhold survived the war, died 1947 and is also buried in Berlin-Weissensee cemetery! His son Heinz lived until 2007 in Germany. Heinz' sister Marga Dederscheck died 1963 in Germany.

Elise and Gertrud Aronhold didn't survive the Shoah. Elise was murdered in Terezin in 1943, Gertrud was murdered in Lodz in 1941. Elise was the mother of a child Flora Aronhold, which died the day it was born (22. july 1891) and also is buried in Berlin-Weissensee cemetery. Elise was murdered as Elise Moeser - does anyone know her husband and if there are any children?

Gertrud's daughter Ruth Bernhard was a famous photographer in the US, her father Lucian Bernhard married Gertrud in 1905 and divorced her in 1907. Ruth Bernhard died in 2006. Gertrud was murdered as Gertrud Hoffmann - does anyone know her husband and if there are any children?

Because I know now that my Great-Grandfather Adolf Aaron Aronhold was born in 1835 in Angerburg, now Wegorzewo in Poland, at that time part of Prussia, I can clearly say that the family of Siegfried Heinrich Aronhold is a branch of my family. Siegfried Heinrich Aronhold was born 1819 in Angerburg as son of Moses Süssel Aronhold. He or his brother Jakob Süssel Aronhold has to be the father of Adolf Aaron Aronhold!

Siegfried Heinrich Aronhold, a famous Mathematician and Physician, had three children: Henriette, Emilie and Maximilian. Henriette died 1944 in Terezin. Emilie and Maximilian Ignatz disappeared, I don't know if there are children.


News December 2010:

Gertrud Hoffmann had a second daughter: Esther Mildred Hoffmann. We don't know her birthdate and don't know when she emigrated to to Glendale, California. We think this has happened late 1930s, because Doris Aronhold never tried to get in touch with her from Colombia, so she might not have had knowledge of her emigration. Does anybody know where she is? Or was? Or is relative to her?


News January 2011:

We found Esther Mildred Hoffmann, she died in Tennessee, USA. She was in touch with her half-sister Ruth Bernhard her life long. We are waiting for more information.

Elise Moeser was married to Max Moeser, we don't know how and when he died.

Gertrud Hoffmann was married to Valentin Hoffmann, we don't know how and when he died.


News March 2014:

We found Irma Abarbanell and her children Hans, Peter and Ruth. Irma, being the half-sister of Margarete Aronhold from the first marriage of Salomon Stransky, married Leopold Abarbanell and lived for long time in Berlin. Later they divorced, she went back to Prague and settled down in Knesebeckstr. 32, next door to her half-sister Margarete. See here


News February 2015:

We found the missing link in the Berlin-Archives: Adolf Aaron Aronhold is the brother of Siegfried Heinrich Aronhold! Their father is Moses Süssel Aronhold, their mother is Wilhelmine Minna Saling.


News February 2016:

We have been found by family-members from France: Olga Thoumas, the first wife of Peter Klaus Abarbanell and her daughter Evelyne Abarbanell-Stransky. We couldn't be happier!



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  Adolf Aaron Aronhold  
Born 31.12.1835 Angerburg, now Wegorzewo
Died 3.1.1897 Berlin
Buried   Jewish Cemetery Berlin-Weissensee
Spouse Sophie Aronhold, born Ascher  
Children Elise Moeser, born Aronhold  
  Martin Aronhold  
  Richard Aronhold  
  Gertrud Hoffmann, born Aronhold  

  Sophie Aronhold, born Ascher  
Born 26.9.1843 Berlin
Died 20.2.1925 Berlin
Buried 25.2.1925 Jewish Cemetery Berlin-Weissensee
Spouse Adolf Aaron Aronhold  
Children like Adolf Aaron  

  Martin Aronhold  
Born 01.03.1871 Berlin
Died 11.03.1947 Berlin
Buried   Jewish Cemetery Berlin-Weissensee
Spouse Emma Aronhold, born Anders  
Children Heinz Aronhold Died 2007
  Marga Dederscheck, born Aronhold Died 1963
Grandchild Detlef D. Son of Marga Dederscheck
Great-Grandchild David D. Son of Detlef and Eva D.

  Elise Moeser, born Aronhold  
Born 1.3.1870 ?
Deportation 13.8.1942 Berlin to Terezin
Spouse Max Moeser  
Died 15.4.1943 Terezin
Children Flora Aronhold 21.-22.7.1891

  Richard Aronhold  
Born 21.1.1878 Dresden
Deportation 16.10.1941 Prag to Lodz
Died 9.4.1942 Lodz
Spouse Margarete Aronhold, born Stransky  
Children Doris Ingeborg Aronhold  

  Gertrud Hoffmann, born Aronhold  
Born 7.7.1887 Berlin (?)
Deportation 18.10.1941 Berlin to Lodz
Died ? Lodz
Spouse Lucian Bernhard 1905 - 1907
  Valentin Hoffmann ?
Children Ruth Bernhard 1905 - 2006
  Esther Mildred Hoffmann emigrated to Glendale, California,
died in Tennessee, USA


Sue Arns


Doris and her mother at the hospital

Doris Aronhold and her sick mother Margarete 1937 at the hospital.

Document of Birth of Richard Aronhold The document of birth for my grandfather Richard Aronhold from Dresden  
Document of Birth of Doris Ingeborg Aronhold The document of birth for my mother Doris Aronhold  

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